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  • The user or purchased at any time may request the withdrawal or closure of their account on our web portal, this action does not prohibit them from re-creating another account in the future, unless it has been punished or banned by the web portal.
  • The website ” automatically collects information about the activity of users and visitors within its website. Such information may include your location, browser, IP addresses, pages visited, searches and among other information may be stored and retained, it can be detailed in our Cookies Policy.
  • Our Online Store service is only available to those users who have the legal capacity to contract or buy a product or service, if they are not, they can do so through parents or guardians.
  • Users or Buyers must provide some personal data. This information maintains high standards of security and protection, both physical and technological.
  • We do not have return policies, that is why when making your purchase, you must be sure that the product or service you are purchasing is the one requested.
  • Our guarantee policy varies according to the product or service, it is notified by written contract or it can also be displayed on each product shown in our online store, in case you do not display a guarantee policy by any means, it means that the product or service you are purchasing is not guaranteed.
  • The use of devices, software, or any other means tending to interfere in the activities and operations of the website is not allowed under any circumstances, without authorization, any alteration that is detected in the promotions, publications, accounts or databases. of website data, you may incur legal action by those responsible.
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