Preventive Maintenance of Hardware and Software

The importance of your teams having a good maintenance program, directly influences the operation and growth of your company or workplace, which is why we have the best maintenance methods and schedules for your Desktop Computers, Laptops, Tablets and Cell phones, direct at your workplace, be it a single team or many, we are always ready to do our best work.

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Corrective Maintenance of Hardware and Software

We have a very professional technical support with quality parts, licensing and effective repair methods, making the least use of resources possible and always taking into account that customer information is vital, which is why we always avoid losing it, formatting with backups and much more,

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Backups and Protection of Information (Cloud Server)


We have the best information backup services in the cloud, so that you always have your data safely, we also make remote or face-to-face backup schedules, always adapted to the needs of the client.

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