IMPORTANT: List of frequently asked questions to clarify the most common questions from our users or visitors.

Do they issue quotes and invoices?


Yes, we issue quotes, you should only request it through our contact option and we also issue legal invoices

How long does it take to develop a web page?


The time varies according to the complexity of your requirement, but the standard times are 5 to 7 days for small pages, 15 to 30 days for medium projects, and 3 months or more for more complex projects.

What is your work methodology?


Mainly it is Online, but if the client requires it, they can arrange meetings to collect information, discuss vital issues for development, or also to clarify their doubts.

What are your payment methods?


Bank transfers, cash payments or digital payment methods such as Paypal or Payonerr for example.

Where are they located?


In Quito, Ecuador, but we can serve and work worldwide through the available online platforms.

Are the payments for Hosting or Domains annual?


Yes, annual payments are made according to the cutoff date, there are also monthly payment plans but it must be requested by the client.

Are your only services and products published?


No, we have a great catalog of products and services, if you require any that are not on our pages, we invite you to write to us in our Contact section.
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