Computer Consulting.

In computing, some help is also needed, so you can get to know the systems in depth, in addition to learning techniques to manage them. If you already have the idea of ​​your technology project or business, but perhaps not 100% developed it, due to doubts, or issues that you do not know, we can help you and support you to achieve your goals.

We have expert professionals in topics such as Social Networks, Software Development, Web Pages, Mobile App, Administrative Systems, who can advise you on how to analyze, start, build and maintain your projects, or even if you already have a system implemented, we can systematize it with the best and innovative practices on the market.

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If what you want is to learn or increase your knowledge in different technological subjects such as:

    • Digital Graphic Design.
    • Basic and Advanced Computing.
    • Social networks.
    • Repair of Phones and Tablets.
    • Websites.
    • Programming.
    • Office automation.
    • Corrective and Preventive Maintenance of PCs or Laptops

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